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It is a very basic video cutting tool designed to extract video scenes
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This application is a very basic video cutting tool designed to help you extract segments of your favorite movies and save them as individual files. Moo0 Video Cutter is designed for home users who are looking for a simple and to-the-point utility for cutting specific scenes out of a video file. The array of supported formats is extensive, including most popular video file types.

The interface won't impress you too much. It is just plain simple and straightforward, so that anyone can use it with minimum effort. Loading the source movie is done exclusively by drag-and-drop, since a computer browsing method isn't available. Once the file is imported, you can preview it but not play it. This happens because the app doesn't come with an embedded video player. You can only see ragtime images of the movie. Obviously, since the video file isn't playable, audio is not supported.

However, selecting the scene you want to extract is done easily, though not with the required precision, I should say. You can determine the start and the end points of a scene by either using the two slide bars available or the time-related jump arrows. As you can't hear the audio, there are great chances that you cut the discourse of a character at an inappropriate moment. To determine the path folder, you need to drop down the Files menu from the upper bar. By default, the target file will be saved into the same folder as the source movie. Yet, you can change the path to a ‘Cuts’ subfolder that will be automatically created, to the desktop, or to a different specified folder.

To conclude, Moo0 Video Cutter offers a straightforward approach to cutting video segments. It simply extracts the selected scene and saves it into your computer. There aren't any additional functions, not to mention that advanced features are out of the question.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Easy to use
  • Free app
  • Supports most common video formats
  • Load files easily using drag and drop


  • No embedded video player - just shows ragtime images
  • Sound is not supported
  • Poor features
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